On Sports Articles both Good and… Not.

The Sports Article That Made Me Feel Almost Too Happy 

Any article that features a sports star doing nice things to make kids happy is guaranteed to warm my heart. When it happens to be one of my favorite players doing the nice things, it makes me even happier.

When the Pittsburgh Penguins won the Stanley Cup in May, Phil Kessel (a Stanley Cup Champion) being on the winning team was a big story.

Little bit of background on Kessel. He survived testicular cancer and dealt with awful fan treatment while playing for the Toronto Maple Leafs – while still leading the Leafs in goals for most seasons (it’s true). Then, Kessel went to Pittsburgh, where he had an okay season before flourishing in the playoffs for the Cup. Not only did Kessel help the team win the Cup, he led the team in playoff scoring! His entire journey to the Cup even led to President Obama making a couple of good-natured quips toward him during the Penguins visit to the White House.

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Seeking a Career in Sports Media

Honestly, I never once thought growing up that I wanted to work in the sports world, unless I was going to be a professional soccer player (hint: I wasn’t nearly that good, but don’t tell my 10-year-old self that). Mia Hamm was my idol, and I still have a poster of her, framed, hanging over my bed (my grandmother’s nickname for me was actually Bria Hamm, at one point).

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