Seeking a Career in Sports Media

Honestly, I never once thought growing up that I wanted to work in the sports world, unless I was going to be a professional soccer player (hint: I wasn’t nearly that good, but don’t tell my 10-year-old self that). Mia Hamm was my idol, and I still have a poster of her, framed, hanging over my bed (my grandmother’s nickname for me was actually Bria Hamm, at one point).

Sports Illustrated

God, I wanted to be her.

But, I was never interested in watching sports, only in playing them. And my lack of hand-eye coordination meant that I was really only good at soccer. I didn’t actually watch a soccer game (other than my dad’s over-30 league) until I was probably around 13 or 14 and able to actually sit around for a whole soccer game and make comments that didn’t revolve around how every single male soccer player dives (but especially Ronaldo and the guys on the Italian National Team).

As I grew up, I got way more invested in sports, and broke out of my strict soccer-only mold. I tried getting into football (failed), basketball (another fail) and baseball (a MAJOR fail). They were all boring to me.

Hockey, on the other hand, was something that I could relate to – as a soccer player, things were similar enough, just on a smaller scale. It didn’t take me long to understand the game, and it was fast-paced enough that I was invested. I picked a team, ran with it and forced my dad to start taking me to some Buffalo Sabres games.

Buffalo Sabres Nation

Around November of my sophomore year, I had what I fondly remember as my ‘mid-college crisis’, which basically entailed of a lot of mindless staring at the ceiling and complaining to my roommate and then finally deciding I had no idea what I want to do with my life.

I don’t really remember when I started to seriously think about doing PR as a job. It started out when I found the Communications major and switched to it(because no way was I gonna continue with Philosophy) and learned a little bit more about PR as a field. Sports PR sounded the most interesting to me, and the more I researched about it, the more I realized that that was the field I wanted to go into.

It’s all about creativity, and hard work, and interacting with fans on a large-scale level that just sounds enticing to me.

Ideally, my career will be something relating to social media management, where I can be the voice of the team/brand and talk to fans and banter with other teams (mainly in the style of the LA Kings) and be able to just be creative. I’d like to work for either the NHL or MLS, although I would love to work overseas at the EPL if given the option.

This is something that I think I could be really good at, with hard work and time and effort. I’m expecting it to be extremely difficult, and I’m looking forward to the challenge.


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