Final Project Ideas

So, the end of the class is coming up in less than a month, and that means that we all need to hunker down and start focusing on our final project (which, by the way, I am pretty excited about).

I don’t have a group to work in as of yet, but I’ve been reaching out to a few members in the class to see if they either have room for me or want to work together. Although, to be completely honest, I’m okay with working on the project alone as long as I have time to do everything myself.

Something that has always been of interest to me, being a female soccer player, is the discrepancy of wages between male and female athletes in sports. In the top 100 highest-paid athletes in the world, only two of them are female (Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova) and they don’t even rank that highly.

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Filed Under: Emotional Sports Images

The picture I chose is an emotional image of members of the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team after their 5-2 World Cup win over Japan in 2015 (credit for the image goes to Carmen Jaspersen, of the Associated Press).

The game was retribution for our women’s team. In 2011, they walked into the final having never lost to Japan, and walked away from the match with a loss, botched penalty kicks keeping them from victory.

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Ohio State Men’s Basketball Attendance is Struggling to Meet Expectations

(I decided to write my letter to David Egelhoff, the director of basketball operations, because he is one of the main liaisons between the team and other offices within the athletics department.)

Dear Mr. Egelhoff,

My name is Brianna Antinoro, a third-year at OSU majoring in Communications, and I’m writing to address the struggles that the men’s basketball team is facing this season.

Eleven Warriors

A couple of policy changes and a difficult season has started to take a toll on attendance, and there are a few more specific reasons why.

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