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The picture I chose is an emotional image of members of the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team after their 5-2 World Cup win over Japan in 2015 (credit for the image goes to Carmen Jaspersen, of the Associated Press).

The game was retribution for our women’s team. In 2011, they walked into the final having never lost to Japan, and walked away from the match with a loss, botched penalty kicks keeping them from victory.

In 2o15, the U.S. women’s team scored four goals in the first 16 minutes – and Carli Lloyd scored three of them on her own! It was one of the most exciting games I watched. It showed how good our women’s team actually was, and presented our women’s program as something that wasn’t to be trifled with.

And, of course, the victory was even sweeter since Japan was the one to beat us in the last World Cup. You can see it in the image – pure, unbridled joy. 

Most people might not see it as being that touching or important, but it’s special to me.

I’ve been told, by multiple individuals throughout my life (my dad included) that female soccer players can’t measure up to men, can’t be as good or skilled as them, and it’s toxic to hear that your whole life.

Seeing the women’s team win the World Cup by such a decisive victory when the men’s team can barely get past the round of 16 was an incredibly important moment to me.

So some people might not get it – might think it’s cheap, or doesn’t mean anything. But for a female soccer player in America, it meant a lot and I was so proud to be able to witness it.


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