Final Project Ideas

So, the end of the class is coming up in less than a month, and that means that we all need to hunker down and start focusing on our final project (which, by the way, I am pretty excited about).

I don’t have a group to work in as of yet, but I’ve been reaching out to a few members in the class to see if they either have room for me or want to work together. Although, to be completely honest, I’m okay with working on the project alone as long as I have time to do everything myself.

Something that has always been of interest to me, being a female soccer player, is the discrepancy of wages between male and female athletes in sports. In the top 100 highest-paid athletes in the world, only two of them are female (Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova) and they don’t even rank that highly.



It’s pretty disheartening to see this, considering how successful some women’s sports teams are.

I wanted to pull this idea back to Ohio State, however, so I started asking questions, trying to find one that would make a good angle. One that stuck with me was the idea that men sports players in college might have a very different perspective on their life after college than female athletes do – or even male athletes in less well-known sports.

A higher percentage of female athletes have to retire from the sport early due to lack of sufficient pay – male athletes really don’t have this same problem.

I think it would be interesting to talk to female athletes and male athletes within the same sport and ask them if they see a career for themselves in the sport after college. It could provide a very interesting commentary on how discrepancies of pay affect your post-college mentality. For example, females might be more likely to pick a major in something that will get them a job after college, while male athletes might not necessarily feel the need to.

Regardless, I am heavily invested in this topic, and if I don’t go with the college sports angle, I at least want to get a female athlete’s opinion and a male athlete’s opinion on the topic, because I feel as though they’ll be two different sides.

As much as I value the opinion of college athletes, I would also want to attempt tweeting at or getting in contact with either a retired athlete or one still playing, to get their (more professional and involved) opinion on the subject.

I’ll be choosing the first option, which includes a main article and three video/audio packages. The main article (as of right now) will focus on the logic behind why women aren’t paid as much as men, and what can be done (and what has been done) to try and change this for the future.

One of the audio packages will be similar to a podcast with two differing opinions talking about why this is the case, and the other two will (most likely) be interviews with athletes at Ohio State (one male, one female) about where they think their future is heading and if they plan to play after college.



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